Department of Geomatics Engineering

The geomatics engineering is a newly-established and application-oriented undergraduate specialty targeting at cultivating geomatics professionals highly needed in the serving for local economic construction, the modern infrastructure construction of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone and the digital city and information construction. It is also the only specialty in the universities and colleges of Xiamen city. Well equipped with nearly 4 million of software and hardware, 3 professional computer rooms and 5 laboratories are set up here, including Digital Mapping Laboratory, Satellite Navigation and Positioning Laboratory, Photogrammetric Survey Laboratory, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Laboratory and Digital Engineering Laboratory.

Catering for the construction of the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, especially the social and economic development in Fujian/Xiamen, the specialty takes the basic theory and technology of geomatics as the key point and tackles issues on the gathering, processing and application of spatial information, striving for cultivating applied senior engineers with high discipline-based knowledge and experimental skills in geomatics, with the ability to undertake relative work covering the information construction like national basic surveying and mapping construction, city and project surveying and mapping, digital city, etc. and the geomatics engineering work such as spatial information collection and processing, investigation and management of national land resources, cadastral and property measurement.

〖FROM〗 〖DATE〗2014-02-28