Spatial Information and Digital Technology

Education Objective

To cultivate the applied senior professionals with specialized knowledge in digital industry/area/city and spatial information technology, with solid foundation of software engineering and compound knowledge structure like computer network technology, with the ability in design and management of large-scale digital engineering as well as relevant science research, technology development, engineering application, information service and management.

Specialty Feature

Jointly established by our university and Fuzhou University, the specialty is the first undergraduate program related to spatial information with its own distinct characteristics in Fujian universities and colleges, serving as a provincial pilot project for training leading innovative talents. Since the establishment, the course has attracted other universities including those from Shanghai and Guangdong to have a visit, posing a certain influence on the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone. Over 10% of the graduates in this specialty are admitted to the graduate school of Wuhan University, Xiamen University, Fuzhou University and other high-level universities designated as “211 Project” or “985” Project.

Key Disciplines

Cartography, Geography, Surveying, Database Principles and Application, Spatial Database, Programming, GIS principles and Technology, Spatial Analysis, GIS Development and Application, Network GIS, GPS Navigation Systems, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing Image Processing etc.


〖FROM〗 〖DATE〗2014-02-28