Department of Network Engineering

Combining with the industry structure of the west coast of Taiwan Straits and the school-running orientation of pro-industry, the network engineering department is aiming at cultivating senior engineering talents with high discipline-based knowledge in the network engineering and with strong practical ability to undertake relative technological work such as R&D based on network protocol, network planning and implementation, enterprise-level network system integration, network management& maintenance, network security assurance and the development of advanced network application system.

The main disciplines include Principle of Communications, Computer Networks, Advance Routing& Switching Technology, Network Protocol Analysis and Design, Network Performance Testing and Analysis, Wireless & Mobile Network Technology, Computer Network Security, Network Attack and Defense, Network Engineering Deployment and Implementation Practice, and Network Programming Practice.

The department is characterized by: (1) Close integration of discipline and specialty construction to improve the cultivation quality for professionals; (2) “academic diplomas+ skills certificate+ professional competence” cultivation mode; (3) Objective of “major-related employment and high-salary employment”.

〖FROM〗 〖DATE〗2014-02-28