Department of Software Engineering

Taking the comprehensive advantage of Computer and Information Engineering College, the Department of Software Engineering was founded in 2013. At present, more than 10 laboratories (including Xiamen Key Lab for Software Architecture and Software Engineering Laboratory) and research institutes like Institute of Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering are established here. The department has an excellent faculty team in software engineering, including 2 municipal renowned teachers (prominent teaching staff) and 1 school-level distinguished teacher. There are 31 faculty members in the department, among which 3 are part-time teachers, 3 are professors (1 is a distinguished visiting professor), 4 are associate professors, 22 are lecturers, 18 have the Ph.D (including the Ph.D candidates) and 10 have master degree. It has a total enrollment of over 400 students.

Upholding the school-running philosophy of “open mind, technological competence, acting locally and thinking globally”, the department takes the employment demand as its orientation, the quality education as core. It adopts the curriculum system incorporating “professional ethics, occupational ethics, foreign language and industry areas” and the teaching patterns of project-driving instruction, practice & learning, interactive teaching, situational teaching and the discussion-based teaching. The department has established specialties closely related to software outsourcing and created training system for innovative talents in order to cultivate versatile professionals.

Centering on the two mainstream directions of ITO and BPO, three undergraduates specialties are set up here: Software Service Engineering, Finance Service Engineering and Software Engineering Technology.

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